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Strict regulations on Facebook advertisements in advance of the 2019 European elections

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Facebook announced it would impose restrictions on advertisements earlier than the European elections in an strive to block foreign involvement.

“To prevent abuse and interference, all advertisers in the EU should be licensed in their own country to publish advertisements about the European Parliament elections,” stated Facebook’s supervisor Richard Allen in a blog publish late yesterday the evening.

This excellent social media tool hopes that extra identification and region controls will act as a “real barrier for everyone outside of a country who believes we will use our advertisements to get concerned in an electoral process,” Allen noted.

camera event live settingsSimilar measures have entered into force in latest months for the elections in Indonesia and Canada. The European elections will be held from 23 to 26 May.

These restrictions practice to the content of election campaigns with the aid of political or political parties, as well as to commercials aimed at encouraging or discouraging voters from voting.

The new regulations additionally aim to promote transparency as they require any advertiser to promote political content material to reveal its identification so that users can get entry to this data through clicking on the entry: “Paid registration from”.

The information from such commercials will be saved in a 7-year-accessible online library.

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Allen admitted that these regulations can also not be ample to absolutely cast off the opportunity of a manipulative content according to the RES-EIA.

“We are confronted with smart, creative and well-funded opponents who are changing their tactics when we find abuse,” he noted.

Facebook is under strain to enhance transparency and controls on its platform in the wake of Russian propaganda aimed at influencing the voters in the US presidential elections in 2016.

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