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“Britain and the EU are stumbling to a bad Brexit”

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The new rejection with the aid of the House of Commons of the Retirement Agreement concluded with the aid of Britain and the European Union leads to chaos, warned yesterday Friday the head of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), Erik Schweitzer.

“Chaos is now absolute,” stated Schaitzer. “This means that the UK and Europe are now plunging into an uncoordinated UK retirement from the EU,” he added.

All businesses ought to urgently prepare for this scenario, he pointed out.

“In just a few days, we are threatening to face a lot of bureaucracy linked to Brexit and the demolition of supply chains involving the UK,” Schweizer explained, echoing the warnings of many different enterprise and exchangeplayers in Europe, the latter months.

“In addition, German companies will face tens of millions of customs procedures and billions of euros for customs duties on an annual basis,” he added.

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Especially the car companies, primarily based on materials of spare components and spare components from one country to another, are deeply worried about the prospect of so-called “hard” Brexit as Airbus, components of whose aircraft, such as wings, are manufactured in the UK.

DIHK represents 79 German Chambers of Industry and Commerce. It is placed in Berlin and Brussels.

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