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In the hands of the German police ten suspects of terrorist assaults

auto automobile blur buildingsGerman police arrested ten people suspected of planning large-scale assaultson weapons and explosives at sunrise raids, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said.

Police investigations took place in the Länder of West Germany, North Rhine Westphalia and Baden Württemberg.

One of ten suspected Islamists is a Tajik citizen, however the authorities have given little publicity to suspects, as stated by the AMP.

BR public broadcaster later mentioned that the ten have been released, however investigations are continuing.

Prosecutors stated the suspects have been arrested due to the fact they planned “a serious crime that would endanger the country.”

The local media stated that the arrested have been supporters of the Islamic State.

Germany has received quite a few attacks with the aid of armed Islamists in latest years, among them the 2016 assault on a Christmas market in Berlin from which 12 people had been killed.

Authorities throughout Europe are being vigilant for assaults by extremist extremists following the latest assault with 50 deaths in a New Zealand mosque.

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