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Turkey: Voting day for 53 million people

photo of flag of turkey

At the polls, 56,911,967 voters are currently coming to the municipal elections in Turkey. The whole range of candidates is 8,270. Of these, 30 mayors of metropolitan municipalities and 1,359 mayors will be elected for the subsequent 5 years. On 194,390 ballots set up, voters vote not only for mayors and municipal councils, but additionally for the respective martyrs who are elected in each regional.

Minister of internal affairs Suleyman Soylu stated that 53,099 Syrians who have taken Turkish citizenship will vote in this election.

The polls will open an hour earlier in eastern Turkey. From 7 o’clock the vote will begin in these cities and will stop at 4 pm while in the closing cities voters are invited to come from 8 am to 5 pm in the afternoon when the ballots will be closed.

According to the Electoral Council figures, 50.7% of the voters are ladies and 49.3% are men. In Istanbul, which has the majority of voters, 10,560,963 voters are called to vote. Twelve parties are involved in the elections. In most metropolitan municipalities and beyond, however, the parties come down with alliances.

The most essential are the ruling party with the Deputy Nationalist Party, Deputy Bahceli, and the alliance of the opposition, or the “People” alliance, which is made up of the Republican party and the “Iyi Party”, the new nationalist party of Meral Aksener which detached from Devlet Bahceli. This party had made its debut in the final parliamentary elections. In some cases, the alliance also consists of the Kurdish party, the Democratic Party of the People, informally informing the country that there has been strong criticism of Tayyip Erdogan to the Republican Party.

Thus, in most metropolitan municipalities, we have in actuality solely two candidates. This opposition alliance, according to polls, will cost the Tayyip Erdogan Party, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with Mansur Yawas, a candidate from the nationalist world. In Ismir, which is historically a bastion of the Republican Party, there is no expectation of a reversal, while in Constantinople, according to polls, it appears that in order to be in a position to keep the metropolitan municipality that has been earning since Mayor Erdogan’s own mayor, the strong candidate for the Justice and Development Party used to be one-way. The country’s last prime minister, Binali Yildirim, looks to be fighting a chest with a chest to secure the victory. The numbers of the polls show that they are close in power.

turkey flag hanging on bridge

The opposition in Istanbul appears ahead to the votes of Kurdish voters, something that has aggravated Tayyip Erdogan and made specific reference at Saturday to the final two primary pre-election gatherings in the city. The intense nationalist rhetoric chosen via the President of the country in the rather polarized pre-election period gave the Opposition the probability to approach Kurdish voters. It should be noted that in the last parliamentary and presidential elections, voters of the republican party in Istanbul consciously voted for the Kurdish party to pass the electoral threshold and enter the House. Whether this informal alliance will be paid off in these municipal elections in favor of the Republican party’s candidate for the Metropolitan City of the City will be shown through the count number of votes on Sunday night.

Similarly, high expectations from the time of overseers in the Municipalities of Southeastern Turkey have the ruling party, as these appointed mayors, with efficient use of state funds, did infrastructure projects with the help of the government. The polls will additionally reflect the impact of this period on the voters in those regions, which are mostly of Kurdish origin.

taj mahal

The whole election marketing campaign was conducted more in a parliamentary than a municipal election. President Tayyip Erdogan has made 102 main election gatherings in 50 days.

Election bans on publications and propaganda formally began at 18:00 on Saturday afternoon and will end at 21:00 on Sunday night time as happens in every elections in Turkey. The first outcomes are transmitted by lifting the bans, which is typically the choice of the Supreme Electoral Council normallyat 19:00 in the afternoon of the elections, after the count has begun. With the exception of the municipalities that may be struggling chest chest, in most cases shortly after 10 pm clear the outcomes of the election.

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