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A heavenly luxury resort in the Maldives


Seventy-three luxury villas, along with a variety of restaurants, meeting facilities and honeymoon facilities, include the paradise resort of Joali on Murawadou Island in the Maldives.

The interiors, as well as various architectural details, designed the Autoban studio based in Istanbul, which sought to “give new meaning to island life through a dynamic and unlimited experience”.

JOALI Maldives, which promises an ultra-luxurious experience of staying, spreads around Murawadou with a number of piers extending into the Indian Ocean. Some of the villas rise above the water, while others are built on the island. Designing the project, the Autoban studio used local materials and craftsmen to express the “spirit of the Maldives,” says the RES.

One of the most eye-catching elements of the project is the jetty of arrival, with a sculpture-like roof to provide security to those arriving. The whole structure is covered with a cane, a choice that is also found in other parts of the luxurious resort.

maldives 2maldives 3maldives 4

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