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Spring in Provence

macro shot photography of purple plants under sunny sky during daytime

With dreamlike landscapes that look like they sprang from dream and alternations in their natural scenery to enchant everyone, Provence gives the visitor images of incredible natural beauty.

In the southeastern part of France, between its borders with Italy and the River Rhone, the area is generally famous for its wines, the Cote d’Azur and its beaches, the cosmopolitan Cannes Film Festival and the lavended lavender meadows.

One of the most characteristic pictures, therefore, identified with Provence is none other than the vast pastures with blooming purple lavender.

For panoramic views of the lavender hills, the Ferrassieres village is indicated, while in places like Lamberon, Valencia Plateau and Salt, also known as the “capital” of lavender, incredible landscapes with characteristic purple lavender are spread out in front of you. Their bloom is mainly observed from June to August.

green and gray mountain under white and blue sky

close up photo of lavender growing on field

provenceprovence 4provence2provence3

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