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Scientists are sending sunscreen to the stratosphere

trees and grass field under cloudy sky during daytime

Diffusion in the stratosphere of a “sunscreen” could offset the effects of climate change, according to scientists involved in an ambitious geomechanical program.

The plan provides for the use of high-altitude balloons to disperse millions of tons of titanium dioxide – a non-toxic chemical used in sunscreen, ink, dyes and even food – in the atmosphere.

When released into the atmosphere, the particles will disperse around the planet, reflecting part of the solar rays back into space.

It is estimated that three million tons of titanium dioxide is enough to compensate for the rise in temperature caused by the doubling of carbon dioxide levels.

assorted hot air balloons photo during sunset

According to the head of the research program, Peter Davidson, scientists have inspired the idea of ​​the eruption of the Pinatubpo Volcano in the Philippines in 1991.

The explosion resulted in 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide being thrown into the stratosphere, creating a cloud of sulfuric acid that reduced the global temperature by half a degree Celsius for two years.

However, sulfuric acid dissolves the ozone layer and may cause drought.

This is why titanium dioxide is the best solution, since it is non-toxic, stable in the air and seven times more effective in light reflection.

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