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Full of craters the planet Mars


Planet Mars is full of craters created by the impact of meteorites, asteroids and other celestial bodies on its surface during its billions of years of existence.

Now, for the first time, scientists measured just how many craters they were, and they announced that they summed 636,000 with a diameter of more than one kilometer!

The research, led by Stewart Robbins of the University of Colorado, was presented in the Journal of Geophysical Research-Planets of the American Geophysical Association. The information on the craters comes from evidence collected over the years about the ship’s missions that have been either orbiting Mars or whether they have done – and still do – fieldwork on its territory.

The database that has been created, the largest one for the “red planet”, gives more light to Mars’ history and, among other things, will help to better date the individual parts of its territory, says the AMP.


Many of the large craters that have come from a strong impact are thought to have created hydrothermal systems, which in turn may have been hospitable environments for the growth of micro-organisms, provided of course that there was water at the Martian cortex.

On the other hand, the large bumps of asteroids and comets on a planet can cause massive extinction of life, as has happened on Earth.

Most of Mars’s smaller craters are younger than the older ones and make up the vast majority. As on Earth, much of Mars’ surface has been “recycled” by geological processes, mainly from volcanic activity and soil erosion, and many older craters have disappeared.


A more accurate recording of Marine Craters will also help NASA better plan future manned missions on the “Red Planet”, both in terms of research interest and greater security.

Existing databases for the craters of other neighboring planets are clearly more incomplete. Only the craters with a diameter of more than 10 to 15 kilometers are fully recorded on the Moon, while in Hermes over 20 kilometers. Only 150 to 200 craters have been found on Earth, as the traces of most have disappeared over time.

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