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The aerosol will whiten the sky, scientists warn

photo of skyscrapers surrounded with clouds

One of the proposals that have fallen on the table to combat global warming is the increase of aerosols in the atmosphere, so that the solar radiation is scattered away from the Earth.

However, scientists believe geomechanics to manage solar radiation may have some side effects, namely to “whiten” the color of the sky during the day.

More specifically, according to a recent research published in Geophysical Research Letters, if we block 2% of solar radiation from reaching the Earth, the sky will be 3 to 5 times brighter and white.

silhouette of grass under white sky


Carbon dioxide emissions from combustion of fossil fuels have increased, resulting in global warming.

Major volcanic eruptions can “lower” the temperature of the planet, sending many small particles to the stratosphere.

However, the particles, which reflect the sunlight, fall down after a few years and the temperature starts to rise again.

What scientists are trying to do with geomechanics is therefore constantly replacing a layer of small particles in the stratosphere by dispersing solar radiation in space.

The research

Using advanced model scientists from the California Institute of Technology looked at changes in the color and brightness of the sky from the use of sulphate based aerosols. (Spray aerosols in the atmosphere to reduce the solar radiation reaching C)

As the researchers found, with the dispersion of aerosols the sky will become whiter during the day, depending of course on particle size.

Scientists have even come to the conclusion that the sky will continue to be blue, but its color will be more open and in particular it will have the white and cloudy color we usually find in urban areas.

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