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Ten tips for going topless on the beach

topless woman sitting

The answer on how to enjoy topless bath during your summer vacation may seem obvious, but there are some things to keep in mind before making the decision to separate the top of your swimsuit.

For some women this way of bathing and sunbathing is the rule, but for others it can be something that was always in the back of their minds and they never dared it.

For those of you who think it seriously, we give you ten practical tips to enjoy your topless bath this summer!

1. Check your destination. It depends on which beach or which country you have chosen for your holiday. In some countries, topless bathing is a criminal offense, so do not ruin your vacation by transferring the rest to a police station.

2. Do not compare yourself. We have all seen these beautiful, perfectly tanned women with their high legs and sculpted bodies that roam the beach wearing the tiny bottom of their bikini. Do not mind, in fact few of us are so lucky. Take your cocktail in hand and soak up the sun.

3. Think about what kind of beach you are. If you are on a deserted beach with your companion and friends, do not even think about it. On a family beach though, with little kids running around you, it is good not to dare it.

4. Be discreet. By this we mean that the best way is discretion. It is not necessary to get rid of unnecessary clothes in a way that will stimulate the interest of everyone else.

5. Refresh sunscreen frequently. In the sensitive area of ​​the breast, which is unusual to remain exposed to the sun, you should often put sunscreen with a high protection index. Otherwise, the painful consequences will follow you for the rest of your vacation.


6. Try not to blush when someone is talking to you. If you are fully aware, there is no reason to be ashamed.

7. Explain beforehand to your partner that the only reason you decided to make topless bathing is tan, not the erotic games with people around you, as he may think.

8. “I do not like the idea that other men are looking at you.” Do not let him fill you with remorse. Just ask him if he looks at other topless girls. The answer will certainly not, so why is it worried?

9. If you need some glasses of wine to decide it better let it for this summer. You are not ready yet.

10. Enjoy it. You do not make topless to fill anxiety and guilt. If you feel so enjoy your bathing whatever you wear.

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