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New robotic system for surgeries

robot hands

A robotic surgical system worn by hand is developed by a team of Greek and British researchers.

These extra-skeletal tools allow surgeons to make their physical subtle movements while allowing them to “feel”, “see”, control and navigate the surgical environment in the patient’s body.

This robotic medical technology, is being developed in the framework of the European SMARTsurg program, which was recently launched and will be completed by the end of 2019, with almost € 4 million of funding from the EU through Horizon 2020.

The program is co-ordinated by the Bristol Robotics Lab, jointly created by the University of West England and the University of Bristol. The robotic tool is based on a plan of the Greek Robotics Engineer Antonia Tzimanaki of the same workshop.

The Hellenic Center for Research and Technological Development (CERTH) and the Private Medical Center for Orthopedic Surgery for Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation (TheMIS) in Thessaloniki also participate in the program.

Robotic systems of this kind are designed to assist surgeons to improve their performance in urological, cardiovascular and orthopedic procedures, and in the future they can be used in more complex surgeries.

The extra-skeletal tool fits into the doctor’s hand and enters the patient’s body. It has a feel of touch on its robotic fingers, allowing the surgeon to “feel” the tissues and organs, as in a traditional surgery.

The tool will be combined with “smart” glasses (the French company Optinvent) that will be worn by surgeons and with which they will have a realistic live body image as they use the robotic hand-tool.

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