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Bitcoin’s “launch” theories, over the next two years

round silver and gold coins

Anthony Pompliano, the man who, in August 2018, when Bitcoin had $ 6,770 envisioned he would first get close to 3,000 earlier than seeing $ 10,000 again, struck once more with an astonishing forecast. He believes that by the end of 2021, Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000.

As he explains, this does not mean that the course to such high price levelswill be smooth. There will frequently be periods where there will be a correction of about 30% or more. The underlying reason behind the forecast is about supply and demand. While demand is predicted to rise drastically in the coming years, supply from creation will fall by 50% in May 2020.

The increase in demand for Bitcoin will be due to a number of factors. The main concerns are: the penetration of institutional investors, the recognition and adoption of Bitcoin on a large scale worldwide, the future approval of ETFs and mutual funds in crypto, the way Bitcoin offers to anyone seeking alternative forms of investment that are not related to stockbroker or currency turmoil and lack of performance in traditional markets

If the Bitcoin capitalization reaches $ 2 trillion, then the value of each Bitcoin will be worth $ 100,000. This value is less than a quarter of the value of gold. From what Pompliano has said in other statements, he expects Bitcoin to become the world’s reserve currency. Anything less than that will disappoint him!

A few days ago in a tweet, he had said: “This may be one of the most important things I’ve ever written about Bitcoin. We are witnessing a unique effort of a currency, succeeding in establishing itself as a world reserve currency, without ever participating in a warlike conflict. “

Anthony Pompliano concludes his investment rationale as follows: If I’m wrong, in the worst of cases I will lose $ 10,000 per Bitcoin. If I finally turn out to be right, I’ll win 90,000. This is a very good profit / risk ratio.

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