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Is there a safer place on the plane?

people inside commercial air plane

What is the best seat to be on a plane if you are unlucky enough to be involved in a plane crash?

Given that most plane crashes have survivors, there has been a lot of research in recent years trying to find out what is the right place for someone who will eventually survive such an accident.

Although some claim that the safest seats are those above the wings of the aircraft, since all the force is concentrated there, new evidence suggests that the best seats are those at the rear.

Producers of the Crash documentary aired on Channel 4 in England rented a boeing 727, mounted cameras, sensors and special dolls used in impact tests and crashed it in the Sonoran desert of Mexico. After the impact on the ground, the front of the aircraft along with the first 11 rows, usually occupied by business positions, were completely destroyed. Experts concluded that none of the first-class passengers would have survived, while 78% of the passengers in the back seats would have lived.

white commercial plane window

The rear seats are safer
At the same time, Popular Mechanics magazine analyzed all the crashes that have occurred since 1971 and found that people sitting in the back seats were safer with a survival rate of 69%, while falling to 56% for those sitting on the wing. and 49% for occupants of the distinguished position.

Another very important parameter is the safety offered by the belt, as well as the process of evacuating the plane. A location near the emergency exit is easier to evacuate than one that is too far away. The bottom line is that traveling by plane is really safe, since the chance of someone being killed on a flight is 1 in 4.7 million.

If you want to increase your chances of traveling economically, with your belt tied, sit by the window, just a few rows away from the emergency exit.

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