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Nomophobia, the modern phobia of being mobile-free

black smartphone

The feeling is probably familiar to you too: you have left your cellphone at home and feel anxious that you have lost all contact with the world. Nomophobia – its phobia of being mobile-free, short for no-mobile phobia – affects teenagers and adults.

There are even tests on the internet where you can check if you are suffering from Nomophobia. Recently, researchers from Hong Kong have warned that Nomophobia affects us all. Their research has shown that people who use their cellphone to store, share and access personal memories suffer more.

When asked to describe how they feel without a mobile phone, they used words like “pain” and “loneliness“.

The findings of our research show that users perceive smartphones as an extension of themselves and connect to devices,” said Dr Kim Ki Joon, according to the British Guardian. “They feel anxious and unhappy when they leave their mobile phones.” Meanwhile, a US study shows that leaving the cellphone can cause increased pressure and speeding.

top view photo of cell phone

According to professor and psychologist Mark Griffiths, it is what includes the mobile that matters. “People don’t use their cell phones to talk to other people. We are talking about an internet-connected device that allows people to manage many aspects of their lives. You will need to surgically remove a phone from a teenager because his whole life is involved with it, “he says.

As he notes, “if they can’t see what’s happening on Snapchat or Instagram, they panic because they don’t know what’s going on socially. However they adapt very quickly if you go on vacation and there is no internet.

Choosing to unplug your phone, shutting it off or leaving home can reduce dependency and anxiety. According to Griffiths, the criterion for phone addiction is that it is the most important thing in your life.

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