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Here’s how to quickly save valuable space on your mobile

turned on iphone x with yellow case

Few things are so annoying in our tech world that you can’t download that wonderful application that you just unleashed because of your mobile phone.

However, each problem has its solution, and that is exactly what we will see immediately.

Because you can save a few hundred megabytes or even a couple of giga in a few simple moves, without having to be the biggest hacker to ever step on Earth …

Get rid of all cached app data

If you look in the Apps storage setting and click on an application, you will notice that each program has its own cached data, ranging from a few kilobytes to hundreds of mega or even more.

You don’t need this stored data, so you can easily erase it and save valuable space. Just hit the Clear Cache option and leave the dirty work on your mobile. And if you want to erase them all at once, go to Settings> Storage> Cached data and click OK in the window. And goodbye …

Clear the Downloads folder

Like any PC or Mac, the Android device has a Downloads folder that goes for everything you download from the Internet, remaining a favorite hideaway for any rubbish that applications bring to their luggage. So open the folder and see what’s inside there.

Put them in order of magnitude to see what is eating the most space. If you see something you do not need, press and hold the file to select it and then directly to Trash.

apple applications apps cell phone

Get rid of the photos you’ve already backed up

You’re backing up your photos, right? With Google’s new photo application it’s easy to save your entire photo library in your Google email account. You have no excuse for not doing so.

So once you’ve secured your photos, throw away what you don’t need, like the 158 you took from last night’s concert. Open the Photos app and tap the three-line button in the upper left corner of the screen. Then select Free up device storage. The app will tell you how many photos can be deleted. Press OK and it’s past.

Manage your downloaded music intelligently

Google’s Play Music app gives us two options for storing music on our system. That is, you can manually select which purchased songs or albums will go down on your mobile or let the app make all the difficult decisions.

Whatever the case, the music fan will end up with infinite amount of music, let alone podcasts. So check how many mega or even giga has Play Music bound for tunes and podcasts (press the three-line button again and select Settings> Manage downloads) and discard what is no longer used…

gps on phone

Erase offline areas on Google Maps

Downloading a map to the latest version of Google Maps is a great way to navigate the city when your mobile is offline, only to have these maps come packaged with something bad about the topic we’re discussing: the space they occupy, which can to become disproportionately large. Depending on the size of the area, even an offline map can exceed 1 gigabyte!

So check how much space your offline maps occupy by pressing the three-line button in the top left corner of Google Maps again, and then select Offline. The space that binds each map is displayed under its name. Tap on the map and select Delete to see a lot of data returning to storage.

Dispose of applications you are not using

That app with the spirit level you downloaded to hang a frame has stopped being of any use. So what do you keep it for? Few things take up as much space as the forgotten applications you once used. Or none!

So turn off all these inactive apps for preview. Go to the Play Store, tap the magic three-line button again, and then select My apps & games. Select Installed from the menu, and list your applications in the Size list or, if not, based on Last Used, where the applications you use least frequently will appear at the bottom of the list. We all know the Uninstall option…

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