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Robots will inspect the wind turbines in the future

windmills on seashore under white clouds

The sheer size of the wind turbines and the difficulties it causes in the inspection process have given birth to the idea of ​​using remote-controlled robots for this task.

The European Wind Energy Union has indicated that GE Global Research and US International Climbing Machines have announced that a pilot test of a remote-controlled robotic wind turbine was a success.

The usual inspection method involves examining the structure – 100 meters high – from the ground with a telescope.

Equipped with a high-resolution camera, the device provides a vivid picture of the propellers just 10 meters away and allows for a more thorough examination and assessment of their condition.

wind mills near the body of water

Innovative devices will allow engineers to quickly diagnose and repair potential problems, reducing the risk of damage to or damage to the wind turbine.

Inspections will also be carried out regardless of lighting or weather conditions.

GE’s future plans include the development of technologies – such as microwave scanners – that will allow inspectors to see through propeller materials to prevent potential problems in time.

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