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Himalayas, Asia – A trip worth a visit

photo of mountains surrounded by pine trees

The highest mountain range on Earth is in Asia and comprises a massive mountain range, mainly the Himalayas, Karakorum, the Indochuk Range and many smaller mountain ranges.

The name Himalayas comes from the Sanskrit word himālaya, meaning “home of snow”, from the word hima, meaning snow.

The vast Himalayas complex contains all of the Earth’s peaks (over 140) higher than 7,000 meters (above sea level) and, of course, the highest of all, the summit of Mount Everest, reaching 8,848 meters in height.

The range extends to six countries, the People’s Republic of China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan.

landscape photography of mountains covered in snow

At the same time, three of the largest river systems of the Earth, the Indus, the Ganges-Brahmaputra and the Yangtze originate from the Himalayas. About 750 million people live on this river system, partially dependent on the Himalayan snowmelt, in the six countries above and in Bangladesh.

The Himalayas belong to the newer mountain ranges of the planet and consist mainly of eroded sedimentary and transformed rocks. According to modern theory of tectonic plates, the formation of the Himalayas is the result of continental convergence or orogenesis along the convergence zone between the Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates.

The Himalayas range comprises a total of about 15,000 glaciers in which about 12,000 cubic kilometers of water are stored.

The highest regions of the Himalayas are snow-covered year-round, despite their proximity to tropical climates, and constitute the source area for several large rivers.

The Himalayan region also includes hundreds of lakes. Most are at altitudes less than 5,000 meters, and their size decreases with altitude.

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