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Cuba, Caribbean – Travel worth a visit

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Revolutionary and uniquely authentic, Cuba is the largest and most popular Caribbean island.

Start your acquaintance with your place of residence in the capital of Cuba, famous for producing Havana cigars. Surrounded by walls, old Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beautiful colorful buildings, 50s American cars and Cuban music! In the Miramar district you will find new colonial-style houses, very green and wide streets. It is worth visiting the Revolution Square, known for its huge volume of meetings and the many speeches of Fidel Castro.

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Next stop is the province of Pinar del Rio, the predominantly tobacco-producing region of Cuba. Perhaps the most beautiful scenery you’ll come across is the Vignales Valley. The unique geological formations and the lush vegetation will impress you.

A visit to a cigar factory will solve all your questions about the region’s most popular export product.

The city of Siena Fuengos is another place to visit. It was founded by French sugarcane growers and due to the formation of the bay in which it is located has become a haven for Caribbean explorers.

Beautiful Trinidad is perhaps the most authentic city in Cuba and, along with the beautiful sugar cane valley, the Unesco World Heritage Site. Its picturesque square and the bell tower of St. Francis of Assisi are among the most photographed places in the city.

Varadero is the region’s most developed and tourist resort. It is a unique place for rest and relaxation, as it generously offers the beauties of turquoise sea, fine white sand and sun.

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