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Space X promises to travel everywhere on planet Earth in less than an hour

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Space X CEO Elon Musk recently unveiled his revolutionary plans to drastically reduce ground travel time at an aeronautics conference.

Alongside plans for trips to Mars and the Moon, Musk plans to use the same innovative rocket to transport people to destinations on Earth, telling us that any distance can be covered in less than an hour.


In fact, most trips will take half or even less time!

SpaceX’s “super-rocket” will transport a passenger spaceship to orbit the Earth, thereby completely reducing the time required for flying.

The boat will then return to Earth’s atmosphere and land at its own facilities at the destination. Despite the fact that both the rocket and the boat are still in theory, Musk has revealed that they will begin production in 6-9 months.

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From New York to Shanghai it will take no more than 39 minutes, being the fastest trip a man has ever seen. The floating platforms are also the same way Space X’s Falcon 5 rocket works, so they have the know-how to deliver on what they promise.

Elon’s promised trips include Hong Kong-Singapore in 22 minutes, London-Dubai (or New York) in 29 minutes, and Los Angeles-Toronto in just 24 minutes, though many obstacles still need to be overcome.

Because despite Musk’s promise to use the Falcon 5’s 16 successful landings, all of them were unmanned flights. Landing a rocket with 200 human souls is clearly something completely different.

low angle photography of rocket

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