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What you can do to improve your Wi-Fi signal

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Doesn’t the wireless router provided by your provider work as efficiently as you would like?

As you go into the middle rooms the signal disappears while you are comfortable watching the neighbors’ locked networks?

This is because where normal home networks are usually more than capable of producing decent signals, exceptions exist. And they are there to confirm the rule.

Is your home huge? Or is the router installed in any corner of the house? And so the Wi-Fi signal disappears in every pimple in the house and becomes so weak that you can’t grind a single video of the prospect.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to boost our Wi-Fi signal.

Are you sure you are using the latest Wi-Fi protocols?

Your mobile devices, such as your laptop, especially those with built-in wireless cards, may run more recent protocols than your router. Wireless AC is now standard, having replaced Wireless G or N, as it provides greater range and a stronger signal. You don’t necessarily have to run the latest protocol, just make sure you don’t get left behind.

Buy a dual-band router

Have you noticed that some routers offer a function called dual band? This means that they support networks at both 2.4 and 5 GHz. And 5 GHz gives better speeds, but they have less bandwidth. The dual band helps because when you are near the router you have faster speeds and when you move away you take advantage of the other option, which gives more range (and penetrates more walls). Change, where provided, is of course manual.

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Contact your provider

As most of us use the router provided by our provider, it is crucial to find out if it has given us the best it has. It is not at all certain that we have the most modern installed! Alternatively, you can look for a better one on the internet and pay a technician to hook it up if you are not sure about your skills .

Use a signal amplifier

That is, a device that connects to the router and extends the signal range to difficult locations. You will also find the Wi-Fi range extender as a Wireless Access Point, extending the wireless performance of your network. The rule, however, says that the more splitters we use in our sockets to have wired internet in more and more rooms, the further the signal fades.

In areas where there is even a lot of interference, it is a good idea to switch channels. Most times the router is set to Auto and it is not a bad idea to manually adjust its settings. Just as our user manual tells us .

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Switch to the router

For better network coverage, the wireless router must be located in a central location of the home. And one more thing: neither too close to the floor nor two frets on the ceiling! Wi-Fi signals travel in horizontal formations, so it is advisable for the router to be at the same level as our most commonly used devices. If you use, for example, your laptop while sitting comfortably on the couch, make sure the router is at a similar height.

Even if you are staying in a very large house, anything you do on a rut will not cover you. The second use here is a one-way street (or an Access Point).

Add a boost antenna to your router

Depending on the model of your wireless router, it may be compatible with a Wi-Fi booster antenna, an antenna that essentially adapts to the router by increasing its range. For 50% of online reviewers, such a market was worth it.

Turn off other devices

If you are a gadgets and have multiple devices connected everywhere at home, it is a good idea to turn off some to avoid the many interferences. Any microwave-operated device should be close to the router .

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