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The underwater drone for the sea lover and the fisherman

underwater drone 2

Who said drones are for air only? No one, of course, and this underwater robot is the proof of deception.

It can and does sink to a depth of 30 meters and records high-resolution 4K video, streamed directly to the mobile, which is also navigated.

And if that’s not enough, his sonar can detect fish even 40 meters away, which lures and brings him close to the hook with a blue light.

underwater drone

For those who haven’t been impressed yet, the company that created it, PowerVision, even offers artificial navigation capabilities, allowing us to steer it just by shaking our heads!

It’s called PowerRay, and it’s a waterproof underwater camera that finds, captures and captures fish or just gives us dives into places of immense beauty in both fresh and salty water.

Its price is admittedly lighter, as you will find it on the European market for between € 1,599-2,099 depending on the model, but the magic remains

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