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Operation “giant squid” in the Pacific


The tracking and filming of the legendary giant squid Architeuthis dux is the goal of a research team that will sail to the Ogasawara Islands, 880 kilometers south of the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

The giant squid has never been found in an environment where it is only dead or shortly before it expires, washed away on a shore.

The female members of the species reach 14 meters in length and 270 kg in weight, while the males are half the size.

Researchers are aiming to uncover the life and habits of squid, which is essentially an unknown animal species.


The reason for this is the fact that Architeuthis dux prefers depths of 120 meters to 1,600 meters, much larger than those of common divers.

The team is comprised of Japan’s Maritime and Land Science and Technology Service (JAMSTEC), the Discovery Channel and the Japanese television network NHK and will sail on the 56-meter Alucia boat.

The Alucia carries three boats, one of which can reach a depth of 1000 meters with a crew and two passengers.

The giant squid is believed to have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, basketball size and visibility even at depths that do not reach the rays of the sun.

It carries eight tentacles and two larger ones, which he uses mainly to collect food, while his mouth is fitted with a pointed beak, just like his small relative.

So far we know little about how he finds his food, but also about his eating and reproductive habits.

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