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They slaughter the camels to reduce their population


The number of wild camels in Australia has declined by 1/4 in recent years due to drought and animal slaughter.

In particular, according to figures released by the Australian Camel Management Program, a few years ago their population reached one million, but today it has dropped to 750,000.

Due to the serious environmental damage caused by camels, in 2010 the Australian Government adopted a population control program.

Australia’s Camel Management Program aims to reduce their population by slaughtering and selling their meat.

two men standing near camels

In fact, it is estimated that the financial cost of shrinking the grazing areas amounts to A $ 10 million.

Between 2001 and 2008 we estimated that there were one million wild camels,” said Jan Ferguson of the NGO “Ninti One”, which manages the camel population control program.

Since then, however, there have been long periods of drought, the camel restriction program has begun to operate and their population monitoring techniques have improved,” he added, adding that today there are about 750,000 people.

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