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Are you a traveler or tourist?

person standing on top of rock

Traveler or tourist? Some may think they are the same, but the differences are great! Because according to Newton, a traveler on the go is always on the go, and a tourist visits a place just to ‘erase’ it from his list of options.

We have found the 20 reasons that will rank you at the traveler level. How many of them do you see yourself in?

1. You dream of your next trip every moment of the day, even on the road to work.

2. You like to travel alone.

3. You love travel so much that you are a professional traveler.

4. You may feel nostalgic for home when traveling far away, but under no circumstances would you choose to dine at the nearest international fast-food chain restaurant.

5. You know that all money is not like your home country, so you would never refer to a foreign currency as “virtual money”.

6. You are not planning trips based on rest and fun. After all, what is an adventure without a trip?

7. You find maps hidden everywhere, in your wallet, in your drawer, even among your clothes.

8. The cover photo on your facebook page shows your latest travel destination.

9. You have a special application on your mobile that shows you the time and time of many cities in the world.

10. You know how to say hello, goodbye and thank you in many languages.

11. Refer to international airports with their code name.

12. Passport is your favorite accessory.

13. The photos of your friends on Instagram, depicting beaches, do not fit your concept of escape.

14. Monthly expenses include an amount for your next trip.

15. The goals for each new year include the destinations you want to visit.

16. Your friends advise you when making a suitcase.

17. When not choosing a trip, depending on whether you have been back.

18. Do you know how to save time on luggage check at the airport?

19. You are spontaneous.

20. Enjoy every moment of the journey and look for the hidden secrets of each destination.

Traveler or tourist? Some may think they are the same, but the differences are great!

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