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Mars ‘threatened’ by comet collision

brown and black crater

A comet is about to face Mars, as the celestial body is not likely to fall on it.

The potential “enemy” bears the name C / 2013 A1, and was discovered by the Australian Spring Observatory.

Researchers found photos of the comet since last December. The images had been taken by an observatory in Arizona, USA, but were not then understood. However, they were used by astrophysicists to calculate its orbit around the Sun.

In line with initial estimates, however, the comet is not going to collide with the planet. Instead, it is estimated that it will travel some 900,000 kilometers from its surface. This distance is safe, considering that the asteroid 2012 DA14 crossed the Earth in just 34,400 km.

However, these calculations have a significant margin of error since existing data are inadequate. So it is not excluded that the comet would hit Mars.

Whatever happens eventually, observers from Earth will have the opportunity to see the comet’s course. In addition, it is not excluded that the “red planet” research rovers are able to photograph the comet’s passage.

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