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Key steps to grow your business on social media


All businesses want to maintain an active presence on social media and seek interaction with their customers.

However, it is often complicated to build their business profile properly in order to establish a business identity.

Here’s a guide to see your business’s recognition difference.

  1. Take a photo of your workplace
  2. Answer the question: “what is your goal in the next months”?
  3. Introduce your new employee to social media
  4. Share something popular
  5. Interview a client
  6. Post something where you need to ‘Fill in the gap’
  7. Share information about a social event you look forward to attending
  8. Share something funny
  9. Share a “story” (photo or video displayed for 24 hours)
  10. Share someone else’s content / posts
  11. Share #tbt (Throwback Thursday is the name of a weekly social media posting trend and hashtag, with users sharing it and sharing some of their favorite memories)
  12. Post something seasonal
  13. Share something that will inspire you
  14. Emphasize the customer of the month
  15. Share information about a social event you attended
  16. Share an interesting survey
  17. Ask your audience a multiple choice question
  18. Create a video with employees or products for your business
  19. Repeat a move that has been successful
  20. Share the latest newsletter or announcement
  21. Share a chart that your audience will like
  22. Edit and share a photo
  23. Correct a misconception related to your site
  24. Share your favorite book or article that you plan to read
  25. Show off another local business or organization
  26. Show off your professionalism with helpful tips
  27. Share something about achieving a corporate goal, birthday or a lesser-known celebration
  28. View your social media accounts together
  29. Ask your audience to sign up for the contact email
  30. Thank your customers for their support


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