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Why some countries pull fireworks off the shelves

crowd of people enjoying on concert

Fireworks yes or no? The debate on climate protection is intensifying just before the end of the year. A number of retailers this year are pulling out of their shelves fireworks, a highly lucrative commodity designed to contribute to better environmental protection.

”The show lasts an hour but we need animal protection and fresh air daily. And the fireworks are not compatible with them”,says Uli Butnik. Rewe’s supermarkets, in south Dortmund, will not have fireworks on their shelves this year.

For many environmental activists, fireworks have been a major problem for years because they cause suspended particulates and are dangerous to animals and children.

German Environment Assistance believes that it is time for change, as citizens are more aware of environmental issues than ever before.

And it’s not just some branches of the Rewe chain that will stop selling fireworks. From 2020 onwards, the Hornbach Building and Construction Materials chain, will not sell these products. A spokesman for the Edeka chain in Bochum will also avoid the sale of festive fireworks, noting that “there is a lot of hypocrisy in the world.” The subject of suspended microparticles is in all mouths all year long, except for New Year’s.

Great demand despite awareness

Traders point out that they are reluctant to sell festive fireworks, a significantly profitable product without even knowing how consumers will react. The competition is great and if the customer does not find what he is looking for in one store he will go to the next.

The industry across Germany last year made a turnover of 133 million euros and estimates that this year it will move to the same level.

Uwe Krieger of the Cologne Institute for Trade Research estimates that demand will remain very high.“I don’t think consumers will spend less money on fireworks this year. Demand is high and it would not be good for customers not to be served”, so big supermarket chains such as Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and Real have announced that they will continue to sell fireworks because customers are still willing to buy.

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