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“Our galaxy has a mass as large as 890 billion suns”

sky space milky way stars

Our galaxy is about 890 billion times larger than our Sun, according to a new, more accurate scientific estimate. This is equivalent to 296 square miles of Earth’s mass.

It is difficult to measure the mass of the galaxy because we live inside it. As there is no way to put our galaxies in… scales, weights are based on the movements of the stars inside a galaxy, which reveal how their gravity affects them.

But while this is easier for another galaxy like Andromeda, in the case of our own galaxy most of it is hidden from us on Earth. Nearby stars and dust clouds hide the farthest stars from our view.

Researchers, led by astrophysicist Fabio Loko of Imperial College in London, who made the relaunch on arXiv, estimated that 93% of our galaxy’s total mass (as much as 830 billion suns) is dark matter.

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