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Avangard, Russia’s “absolute weapon” that is “practically invisible”

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Avangard’s first supersonic missiles, one of the new weapons deployed by Moscow and, according to President Vladimir Putin, are “practically invisible“, announced today that Russia is on operational alert.

This system is part of a new generation of rockets capable of, according to Moscow, hitting a target almost anywhere in the world and penetrating any existing missile shield, such as the system developed by the United States in Europe.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed President Putin that at 10:00 Moscow time  the first constitution equipped with the new Avangard strategic supersonic systems was put into operational readiness,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, according to Russian news agencies.

Shoigu congratulated the Russian military, saying the missile deployment was “a fantastic event for the country and for the armed forces”, as reported by TASS and the French Agency.

In December 2018, the Russian military had announced that the first Avangard missile regiment would be deployed in the Orenburg region, in the Urals.

The Avangard can develop a speed of 27 Mach (max 27), that is 27 times the speed of sound, meaning 33,000 km / h. It can change course and height, making it “practically invisible“, according to the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin had compared the Avangard missiles, which were successfully tested in December 2018 with a 4,000 km range “with the creation of the first artificial satellite on Earth”, a reference to Sputnik launched in 1957 and symbolizing its technological pioneer against the United States in the midst of the Cold War.

“It’s an intercontinental non-ballistic missile system. It is the ultimate weapon,” the Russian president had said with apparent satisfaction in June 2018. “I don’t think only one country will have such a weapon in the years to come. We already have it,” he added, as relations with the West are at their lowest point.

Another weapon that has also been described as “invisible” by Putin, the fifth-generation intercontinental Sarmat ballistic missile, is expected to be delivered to the Russian Armed Forces in 2020. Sarmat has “no practical limits on range” and will be “Capable of firing at targets crossing the North as well as the South Pole”.

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